The soccer offside rule explained

When you are new to football, one of the most difficult things to wrap your head around is the offside rule. Even some experienced players and watchers do not completely understand all of the nuances that there are to this highly controversial rule. It is without a doubt one of the leading causes for debate … Read more

a woman soccer player kicks a ball

How to Become a Professional Soccer Player Without Going to College

Soccer is one of the well-loved sports in the world. Yet becoming a professional soccer player – and especially a good one (think Messi) – is not an easy feat. You need to train hard regularly, travel a lot, pay for soccer gear and membership fees, and have a really strong dedication despite the ups … Read more

How to play the 4-2-3-1 soccer formation

As time progresses, coaches are always coming up with new ideas, tactics and training plans to get the most out of their team and to win as many games as possible. Any possible advantage that a coach can get, they will grasp with both hands. One of the easiest ways in which to see a … Read more

How to play the 3-4-3 soccer formation

When you are considering using the 3-4-3 formation for your team, there are a few different variables that you need to consider beforehand. Just like any other strategy, there are going to be pros and there will be cons associated with it. Traditionally, the 3-4-3 formation has been very attack minded and was initially made … Read more

How to play the 4-1-4-1 soccer formation

How to play the 4-1-4-1 soccer formation When it comes to deciding what formation you are going to use, there are many different factors that need to be taken into account. Most importantly, you need to have the players that are flexible enough to play in the defined positions, as well as having the depth … Read more

children play soccer

How to Practice Soccer with five year olds: 4 great drills you can use

At the young age of five, children who play soccer are typically beginners or have minimal experience. As with any sport, it is beneficial to focus on the basics: dribbling, passing, kicking and shooting. Since the attention span at this age is minimal, it is important to keep the drills short, while making them as … Read more

Maradona dribbles round the whole England team

How To Improve Your Soccer Dribbling Skills

Seeing a player dribble and attack defenders, feinting one way and then the next, or performing a series of stops and starts are among the most exciting parts about watching soccer, and developing great dribbling skills is mandatory for anyone that is learning how to play soccer. Basically, dribbling is just running with the ball, … Read more

soccer players

How to Be a Good Soccer Player – 3 Essential Tips

Soccer has long been the most popular team sport based on the huge amount of fans from different countries around the world and the many boys, girls, men, and women who have participated in the sport over the years. Soccer, known as football by most fans around the world, continues to gain fans and participants … Read more

a soccer referee

How Much Do Soccer Referees Make?

Soccer referees have a difficult and thankless job, and they know that they are doing it well when both sides are upset with them. There are parts of the world where soccer is followed with an almost religious fervor, and fans comfortable in their armchairs may wonder why anyone would voluntarily expose themselves to such … Read more

a coach talks to soccer players

The best soccer training drills for kids & adults (70+ drills)

Soccer coaching isn’t always the easiest of tasks, and if you’ve just taken on your first coaching assignment then you may be struggling to come up with new training ideas, or maybe you’re looking for a training method that can hone a skill your side is currently lacking. In order to help you in your … Read more